Pringles Keyboard: A pipe organ made with cans of Pringles

The Pringles Keyboard is an organ whose pipes are built out of cans of Pringles chips. It was installed for a day at the central plaza of the Coyacán neighborhood in Mexico City.

A custom synthesizer was programmed in MAX with Gen, integrating artificial organ sounds and recorded voices which were collected through and ad campaign. The sound of the organ is distributed algorithmically through more than 40 audio channels, and is pushed through the cardboard pipes which distort and color it along the way. The synth is played via a MIDI keyboard.

The Pringles Keyboard was developed by Flock. You can see more here. My role for this project was specifying and building the sound system, solving the pipes’ acoustics and most importantly developing the synthesizer software.


The Keyboard being played by the Pringles mascot.