Órgano: A speaking pipe organ

Órgano is a sound installation part of the Cinco Variaciones de Circunstancias Fónicas y Una Pausa exhibit by Tania Candiani.

It consists of two different speech synthesizers controlled by two different controllers: a MIDI keyboard which plays syllables by single keys and chords, and a typewriter whose text is converted to speech in real time. 28 different musically harmonized voices can be heard after input from either controller. If not being played by someone, it checks for listeners via a webcam and can read from stored texts. It was developed in MAX, using a custom-made object with Microsoft SAPI for text-to-speech synthesis and Jitter for motion detection.

My role in this project was designing the sound system, overseeing the pipe and room acoustics, and developing the synthesis, interaction and automation software.


A performance on Órgano by Rodrigo Rhema Guzmán.