Nike Freestore: A robotic flexible store

Nike Freestore is an interactive robotic installation developed mostly in MAX. It was unveiled at Zona Maco 2013 in Mexico City.

An articulated mesh of plastic tubes is suspended from 176 threads anchored to its vertices on one side, and spooled on an array of stepper motors on the other. By reeling the threads to different lengths the mesh takes on different predefined forms, thus emulating the flexed shapes of the shoe it was built to advertise. When set in interactive mode the store responds to people moving in front of a Kinect sensor.

The store was developed by Verde Vertical and Flock. You can read more here. My role for this project was designing the motion-control system and overseeing its construction, developing the motion-control software and finally operating the installation during its first event.


Nike Freestore taking on predefined shapes.


Small scale prototype in action.