Hi, my name’s Felipe.

I’m an independent hardware and software developer and integrator based in Mexico City. I work mainly as a consultant in Creative Technology projects, particularly those involving interactive sound and visual media. My usual clients are ad agencies, production companies and artists that need technological solutions for their creative endeavors.

My academic background is in electronics, acoustics and music technology. Due to the nature of my work I constantly walk the line between hardware and software development. Some of the common themes in my projects are usage of many types of sensors (acquisition, interfacing and communication), signal processing and analysis (analog and digital), and playing/generation of real-time media (sound synthesis, generative visuals, effects, etc.).

While I have comprehensive experience in “regular” programming, I fall back a lot on creative coding frameworks such as MAX or Processing, which should be evident if you check out my portfolio. I complement these frameworks as needed by writing custom objects and libraries in C, Java and other languages.

This page is intended to serve as a professional portfolio and blog. In the blog you’ll find my personal projects (from code snippets to tutorials), which should be mostly about Music Technology, Generative Visuals and Creative Technology in general.